The Internet of my life

  • 30 Apr, 2018
  • me

I first used the internet when I was 3 years old. This is back in 2001. I was left unsupervised and no one had an explanation for how I figured out how to navigate my way around things.


  • 11 Feb, 2018
  • me

You've awoken from the little slice of death that is sleep. Your day starts with a coffee, a cigarette and a substance induced shite. All while you read the news and get caught up on the world.


  • 05 Feb, 2018
  • computing

This blog post is a list of weird or unknown bash features I've come across in my travels. Some of these may not be that practical but they're cool nonetheless.

Tiny JS Image Lazy Loader

  • 09 Jan, 2018
  • webdev

This is the tiniest lazy loader I've been able to write in pure JS. Just pop this in script tags before the closing body to use it.

Jekyll Tricks

  • 09 Jan, 2018
  • webdev

Github Pages doesn't allow you to customize the build process so there's no access to custom Jekyll Plugins. There is however a way to minify HTML without using a Jekyll Plugin.

An ode to milk

  • 08 Jan, 2018
  • misc

There are who ask not if thine milk low fat. I supplicate for thy control; The spirit of self-sacrifice; And in the light of truth thy milkman let me live!

VTE Sequence Parsing

  • 06 Jan, 2018
  • computing

VTE's escape sequence parsing is notoriously bad. VTE is unable to ignore escape sequences it doesn't know about, instead it just blurts them out adding garbage to your terminal screen.